INRIX Traffic Scorecard

For week 20 of #MakeoverMonday, we’re looking at traffic data. Europe traffic data to be specific. Check out the original below:

What works well

  • Title
  • Axis is labeled
  • Contextual notes are footnoted
  • Columns are easy to read

What could be improved

  • I’m constantly confused by the colors, I keep looking for a legend only to remember that the color is only used to break up the color
  • The scale is not necessary as direct labels could easily be used

This is a pretty simple dataset this week. These are the weeks that we get to focus on our design skills. I think for this one I want to do an informative style infographic as the analysis has already been completed. There’s no need to overcomplicate things, in my opinion.

I did quite a bit of reading about this analysis including how these values were calculated and I felt they were very important. One of the additional pieces of information I found the Congestion Index. INRIX actually captures traffic info for seven different time periods and travel patterns in every city. This is important because it helps give a more clear picture of a city’s traffic.

So I thought that would be beneficial to add to the story. I ultimately decided to put it above the “traffic time” portion because I feel like the index is at a higher level and might help to have that knowledge up front.

Check out my final version and click for the interactive version!

Europe Traffic


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