Week 16 of #MakeoverMonday was a special one. Eva and Andy were doing a live makeover session at the London Tableau User Group. The fine folks who run that group, Sarah Bartlett & Pablo Gomez, decided to live stream the event! So after figuring out the time difference and clearing my schedule, I was able to join in on the fun!

The data this week was also pretty special. Tableau Zen Master Hall of Famer, Jonathan Drummey works as a Data Visualization Specialist for Path Organization. They lead innovation is global health. One of the missions is to eradicate malaria worldwide. They have a way to track cases of malaria across the globe. And for this week they gave our community a simulated sample of data to share new ideas and tell different stories.

Here is the viz we were given to makeover:

What works well

  • The title is good
  • The stacked area is an adequate chart type for the data as it helps to highlight the seasonality

What could be improved

  • These are raw cases and the data includes about a dozen different districts. I’d like to dig into that

After playing around with the data for a bit, I noticed that were some districts that were skewing the data. The seasonality was same across all districts. My first thought regarding these raw numbers was that it had to be due to the population. I did some searching on google and was able to find some census data for each district.

I used the population figures to calculate a “cases per 1000” metric. I feel like this is a better gauge and will help the team focus their efforts on the areas and districts that need it. Check out my creation below and click for the interactive version.


Until next time!

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