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US Soccer Bonus Pay Gap

How much less does the US Women’s soccer team make in potential world cup bonuses when compared to the US Men’s team?

According to 2019 documents, each player on the US Women’s soccer team is eligible to earn approximately $270,000 in total bonuses for winning the world cup. However, when compared to the US Men’s team, the men could earn more than four times that amount.

The chart below shows the potential bonus per player for the men’s and women’s teams at various stages thoughout the World Cup tournament cycle.

#DataPlusMusic | 2022 | 08 | Music in Video Games

Loud Music and High Scores I’m so excited to be teaming up with the team at #GamesNightViz! They’ve pulled together some great datasets to help jump start your progress. Check them out over on their github Need some inspiration? In addition to their datasets, I also pulled together some datasets to get you started. Check

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