#MakeoverMonday | 2021w35 | Male circumcision

Let's play with Jitter plots

Hey friends! It’s been a minute but I’m back. Not only has it been a while since my last post but it’s especially been a long time since my last #MakeoverMonday post. Now that’s the great thing about this community, it’s always fresh with new ideas and new challenges. So let’s get at it.

Here’s the chart that Andy’s challenged us with this week

What works well

  • The title is clear
  • The continuous color ramp is attention-grabbing and has good variation
  • Clear citation
  • As a stand-alone image, the map is a good way to do it
  • You can clearly see geographic trends

What could be improved

  • There are too many direct labels and is a bit cluttered
  • Part of the map is cutoff (whoa, that’s a terrible pun)

My take

I wanted to take a more interactive approach with this data. Additionally, I wanted to understand a country’s % in relation to other countries in the same area or region. When you look at the map it’s easy enough to find your country a few other “major” countries but depending on your level of geographic expertise, that might be it. But what about those other countries? So for my makeover, I decided to go with a jitter strip plot of each country grouped by their major region.

In addition to showing the %, I also wanted to put the denominator on size so that users can quickly see that there is no correlation (+/-) between the two values.

To aid in interactivity, I added a highlighter to allow users to search for any countries of interest and lastly, I added the ability to see everything on a global scale by hiding the regional breakouts.

Check out the interactive visualization

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