Women’s History Month Data Dare

Did you know that March is National Women’s Month? Well, it is. And we in the #dataviz community have been using the power of data to tell several different stories (scroll down to the 3/8 update to see other examples) regarding the status of women all month long.

In fact, there is a very cool data blog called Data Dare run by two exceptional Tableau gurus, Brit Cava and Aaron Romeo who take turns data daring each other as well as taking data dares from their readers and fans.
On occasion, they will extend the data dare to the community of readers and data geeks to see what they can do with data. And that is just what they did this month! They even provided several data sources to get started.
For mine, I chose to focus on data collected by The Institute for Women’s Policy Research. The institute collects and reports on several aspects of women’s life and rights both a national and state level.
In looking through all the available data, I chose to focus my viz on 4 aspects:
  • Violence & Bullying
  • Labor Force Participation
  • Gender Wage Gap
  • The fourth view I created regards International Women’s Rights by country across 38 different aspects. This data was collected and published by The Guardian. Shoutout to Andy Kriebel for publishing the clean data from this article as part of his Makeover Monday blog series/Dataviz challenge (Andy’s blog is a must read for anyone using Tableau).

This dataviz utilizes what Tableau calls “Story Points.” This is similar to a Powerpoint presentation – each grey box is a new dashboard. Click through the boxes to explore the data.

Click here to view the interactive dashboard

Status of Women
I had a lot of making this data story. I hope you enjoy interacting with it and maybe learn a few things. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time!

Download the Raw Data

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