Visualizing the Relevancy of Virtual Reality

I was perusing reddit the other day and stumbled upon a wonderful sub specializing in Data Viz Requests. This definitely piqued my interest as I’m always on the lookout for free data sources! Plus I enjoy helping my fellow man, so this was really in my wheel house.
The first post was requesting a viz using data compiled from a simple online survey. What I liked about the post was that he had the data and had some specific hypotheses he wanted to test his data against.
The two main reasons data viz is important is because;
  • ·         You want to answer questions or test hypotheses with your data
  • ·         You have no idea what your data means or even contains and just want to discover the data in an easy way.


Because this post satisfied one of the points above, the data deserved a download.
First and foremost the topic of Virtual Reality is fascinating and it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come with this technology. While the idea of VR has been around a while, we are just now getting it to a point to where it is consumable by the mainstream population.
In fact, when you start digging in there are some really cool things being done with it right now with real world applications, other than gaming and…other types of “entertainment.”
For example, VR is well on its way to revolutionizing the health care industry. Additionally, there’s actually a company here in the KCMO area that is using VR to help coach high school athletes in a variety of sports including baseball and football. The idea here is that one can use VR to work on building up muscle memory.
Some argue that in the coming years the use of VR will be as relevant and widespread as the toaster. Everyone will have one.
So how relevant is Virtual Reality right now?
If these results are any indication, the interest in VR is real and there are a lot people that ready to take leap into Virtual Reality.

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