A Nutrional Analysis of 74 Breakfast Cereals

So...like many things too much cereal is...not a good thing

It’s been a good while since I’ve participated in #MakeoverMonday but I’ve always kept tabs on the datasets each week. So when I saw that they were featuring breakfast cereals I knew I had to get involved! I feel like Oprah when I say…

I really, really do and always have. My top 3 favorites are:

  • Frosted Flakes
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Frosted Mini-Wheats

When I saw this dataset, I had a bunch of ideas of what I could do. I even tried a few out but the amount it would’ve taken me to do it was more than I was willing to put into it…maybe another time.

But while I was exploring the dataset, I decided to show everything as percentage of daily value. Felt this was a better way of doing it rather than raw values. So I looked up the various daily recommended values for all the macro nutrients.

The next thing I started thinking was “Nobody eats dry cereal!” Well okay, never say nobody but the vast majority of people do not. So what if I were to show these percentages with the milk accounted for as well?

So I added that as well. And finally, I thought…”Cereal bowls are manufactured to be larger than the recommended serving size and I’ve NEVER measured my cereal portions…I wonder how much I’m really eating when I have my standard bowl of cereal?”

Turns out I'm eating two (2) servings of cereal and a single (1) of milk

And once I put this into my calculator, I quickly realized that I’m starting my day (or having a mid-day snack) with MORE 100% of my daily value of SUGAR!

Maybe its time to turn to oatmeal…

Check out the interactive visualization


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