Worldwide Wine Production

After a small hiatus, I’m back. It was a good break but I’m excited to get back into this. It’s week 14 of #MakeoverMonday and we’re taking a look this chart and table on Worldwide Wine Production



What works well

  • The title is good
  • The units are shown. They are explained earlier in the PDF
  • Years 2015 & 2016 are properly labeled as to not confuse the audience

What can be improved

Well first off, the chart is only an aggregate of the world total and there’s also no footnote on the chart to explain that only countries that produce a certain volume are included. This is only a subset of all countries that produce wine.

What I was most interested in I started looking at this data was “who is making more now than before?”

I iterated through SEVERAL different options but I liked this version of a slope graph best. Click for the interactive version

Worldwide Wine Production

I like having a column for each because you can see changes in production more easily than a traditional slope graph.

Let me know what you think

Until next time!

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