Woodstock: A Data Biography | #Ironviz | 2019 | Music Feeder

Here we are. #Ironviz season is in full swing and the theme for this feeder is something I’m quite passionate about:


I do love music, my first viz ever on Tableau Public was music-focused. My Heavy Metal viz was recently featured by Tableau for the Music + Data campaign and I have more than 10 different music vizzes on my profile. So when this feeder was announced I knew I had to be involved.

I grew up listening to classic rock with my parents and was at music prime-age 17 during the 30 year anniversary of the original Woodstock festival. I even wrote a high school paper about the festival in my English class. If someone had told that in 20 years I would be remaking the project with a fully immersive, multimedia display, I probably would’ve said “Cool” but not really believed you and yet…here we are 🙂

In fact, this is the viz, I’ve always wanted to make in Tableau. This viz wasn’t even possible until just recently when they released the functionality to have multiple web objects on a single dashboard and have separate dashboard actions for each web object. In fact, back in 2018, I even created an idea for this functionality.

A while back, I tweeted this

I’m happy to report that the viz I made is exactly what I had in mind.


Those outlines in the bottom section are the internet pieces. The larger ones are embedded Youtube clips while the longer ones are embedded Spotify tracks. I wanted to immerse the user into the festival while exploring this viz. The only way I could think of to do that was to find video clips of the performers talking about their experience at the festival. As well as giving them a taste of what it sounded like with an audio track of a song played in a set.

I’m very proud of the final result. It’s not flashy and not as analytical as some of the other #Ironviz entries but it more than makes up for it in storytelling and an immersive, multimedia display.


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