#DataPlusMusic | 2022 | 08 | Music in Video Games

Loud Music and High Scores

I’m so excited to be teaming up with the team at #GamesNightViz! They’ve pulled together some great datasets to help jump start your progress. Check them out over on their github

Need some inspiration?

In addition to their datasets, I also pulled together some datasets to get you started. Check out my github for setlists and spotify data for every song for each of the first games of Guitar Hero

The best part?

Don’t let this topic stop your creativity. If you have an idea for a killer music viz, the best time to put it out there is NOW! 

Some housekeeping items

When you finish you viz: 

  • tag it with #DataPlusMusic & #GamesNightViz on social media and/or Tableau Public
  • Tag me (@HipsterVizNinja)
  • Submit to the tracker (there may be some special surprises for those who fill out the tracker 😉 )



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