#DataPlusMusic 2022 | 07 | The Intro

You know it when you hear it

We all have a list of songs in our head that from first note we get this feeling and those feelings could be range from anything rage to chillin’ out. Maybe that feeling is a long lost memory of a significant time in your life. Regardless, all great songs have the best intros. Those first few measures are like climbing the initial hill of a roller coaster, so you better hold on for a good time. This month, let’s focus on…

Yes, that’s a pretty broad topic and that’s intentional! There are so many different directions to take! Take it as broad or focused as you want to. 

Need some inspiration?

If you are wanting a starting point then check out these two ideas And then she made a Spotify playlist from the responses!
  • We all know how popular “Wordle” is and music fans particularly enjoy #Heardle. It’s a copycat game of wordle but for music. You have 6 guess to guess a song based on just the first 15 seconds! And one Spotify user has been maintaining a running playlist of the featured song.

The best part?

Don’t let this topic stop your creativity. If you have an idea for a killer music viz, the best time to put it out there is NOW! 

Some housekeeping items

Remember when I told you that I wanted this viz project to also incorporate APIs – this is a great opportunity to get your hands dirty and learn some coding. I’ll make it easier for you – check out my code that pulls song attributes from ANY Spotify playlist!

When you finish you viz: 

  • tag it with #DataPlusMusic on social media and/or Tableau Public
  • Tag me (@HipsterVizNinja) and I’m sure Autumn (@aabattani) would love to see it too!
  • Submit to the tracker (there may be some special surprises for those who fill out the tracker 😉 )



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