The Congressional Medal of Honor

It’s almost summertime again. That can only mean that Memorial Day is right around the corner. The holiday is usually centered around picnics, family BBQs, baseball and everything summer. But it’s almost the day, we take a moment to remember and honor the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen members of our military. This is my way of showing my appreciation to all those who defended our country.

Last year, for Memorial Day, I made a dashboard of fallen service people after finding a data set of military cemeteries across the country. You can check it out here.

I wanted to continue this new tradition this year. As I was thinking of topics to focus on, I stumbled upon the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s website¬†and found they had a nice clean table of every recipient. So it was time for my favorite web scraping service!

Couple hours later, I had a complete list of all 3,498 recipients. Below is a screenshot of my dashboard. Click here for the interactive version.


I struggled with the layout of this one a bit. As you can see from the number of recipients by branch there’s a huge range. Because of this, I knew bars or columns wouldn’t really very good. So I opted for some BANs instead, I think it turned out pretty well.

I hope you take some time this weekend to honor the memorial of a fallen service member. I have memories of taking flowers to cemeteries with my mom and grandmother.

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