Sydney Ferry Patronage – A Makeover

So here we are for the latest installment of #MakeoverMonday and this week we’re diving into some open public data out of Sydney, Australia. Specifically, we are looking at the Sydney Ferry lines. In fact, the inspiration for the makeover actually comes from an existing Tableau Public dashboard that currently reports on these figures. Below are some screen shots of the existing dashboard that I chose to focus my makeover on. Each is a separate dashboard in a larger workbook. You can take a gander at the workbook here. Click the picture to enlarge.

So we’ve got a few things going on here:

  • We’ve got a high-level overall trend
  • We’ve got a comparison view with some user selected parameters to compare any two months and a crosstab view of each line by month.
  • Lastly, we have a view that breaks down each line by certain card types

Cool, I can work with this! As soon as I started exploring the workbook, I immediately thought, “Oh yeah, I can easily consolidate these three into one single view and still get the same insights if not more.”

Here is a screenshot of my makeover. Click here for the interactive version.

Sydney Ferry Patronage

As you can see I’ve got all the elements of the original in one view and are using actions to help the user get as much insight as they want out of it.

At the bottom, I put the overall trend by ferry line as a stacked area chart. I also added the overall “grand total” line on the top of the area for context. In the upper left, I added a sparkline chart of each card type. From here, users can select a card type to drill into.

In the original, I really liked the concept behind the comparison crosstab. As soon as I saw, I knew I could turn that into a slope chart pretty easily.

I think this makeover accomplishes the goal of consolidating three dashboards pretty well.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time

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