NHL Attendance | #MakeoverMonday | 2019 | Week 1

2019 is here and with that, another year of #MakeoverMonday. I’m going to push myself to be more involved this year and stick with it. I’m not putting a number on it…for now ­čśë

So for this week, we’ve been given a dataset on the NHL attendance. You can check out all the details here.

What works well

  • Axes are labeled
  • Not much else

What could be improved

  • I find the dual axis confusing and hard to read
  • the 3d bars are unnecessary
  • There’s no title
  • No data source
  • No context

So, being the sports fan that I am, and knowing that NHL is more of a niche sport. Meaning it’s only big in the towns that have a team as it’s not as mainstream as the NFL, MLB or NBA. Here in Kansas City, we don’t have an NHL┬áteam and it’s rarely broadcast on television. ┬áHaving this knowledge, I began to become curious about the long-term trends for each team. So I built a quick slope chart looking at the first and last years in the dataset.

Next I wanted to isolate those who won the Stanley Cup title at least once during that this time frame to see if winning the Stanley Cup will raise your home game attendance. After getting the list of teams from wikipedia, I quickly saw that there were four teams who didn’t satisfy my hypothesis and that’s where I landed. I could’ve certainly added more context but I hit my┬áhour time limit. Not too bad!

NHL Attendance

Happy New Year!




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