#DataPlusMusic 2022 | 01 | GRAMMYs

And the GRAMMY goes to...

I’m so excited to be kicking off the coolest new #DataViz project, #DataPlusMusic, this month! If the title didn’t give it away, this month’s topic is the Grammy awards!

GRAMMY kickoff

Yes, that’s a pretty broad topic and that’s intentional! There are so many different directions to take! Take it as broad or focused as you want to. 

Need some inspiration?

If you are wanting a starting point then check out my favorite dataset fallback site…WIKIPEDIA! Check out these dataset-ready tables!

But don’t stop there; the GRAMMYs are one of the most hotly debated awards out there. There are NUMEROUS articles ranking the biggest GRAMMY snubs out there. But what about your favorite album, performer, song – if they’ve been nominated then go that route. The possibilities are endless, just have fun with it! 

The best part?

Don’t let this topic stop your creativity. If you have an idea for a killer music viz, the best time to put it out there is NOW! 

Some housekeeping items

When you finish you viz: 

  • tag it with #DataPlusMusic on social media and/or Tableau Public
  • Tag me (@HipsterVizNinja)
  • Submit to the tracker (there may be some special surprises for those who fill out the tracker 😉 )



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