Distracted Drivers

This year is a big one for acclaimed author, Cole Knaflic. She is the author of the best selling, “Storytelling with Data,” a must-have for anyone who communicates with data on a regular basis. She leads workshops all over the world in support of her book. In 2018, she’s adding two more venues for her fans to follow her.

She’s got a great new podcast that I highly recommend subssqs76cribing to if this stuff is in your wheelhouse. The other thing she’s doing is what this post is all about.

The #SWDChallenge

Each month, Cole is going put forth a challenge for her readers to participate in. Each month will be focused on a different aspect of effective storytelling with data. I’m really excited about this series of challenges because my day-to-day job is mainly focused on creating dashboards as opposed to single charts.

For January, Cole challenged us to tell a story with an annotated line chart

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