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If you read my post regarding my 2018 goals, then you know I’m getting serious about blogging more. Well, I feel like I need to let my readers know a little more about me and what to expect. I’m not talking about “long walk on the beach” type of stuff, though there might be a time for that. What I’m talking about is a glimpse into my structural mind.

I like things to be in order and I like things to be consistent. So it only makes sense for me to come up with a sort of structure for my blogs. As I figure that I’m going to be attracting more readers in 2018 and I want my structure to be unique, or a call sign if you will, that regardless of what you’re reading; the way things are laid out you will know that I wrote it.

My blog posts will be 3 sections:

  • At the top
    • The context – The who, what & when regarding the viz.
  • In the middle
    • The analysis – This is why we create data visualizations in the first place. This is where I’ll share my ah-has followed by a screenshot of the viz and link to the interactive version on Tableau Public so you can look for your own insights
  • The bottom
    • The How – Where appropriate, this is where the tips & tricks will be. Meaning, this will be the technical portion of the viz.

This makes the most sense to me because what’s most important to me is setting the stage for my readers. Not all my readers are from the Tableau community so it would be foolish of me to assume anything. Once my readers have the context of the topic, then I’ll share my insights & analysis gleaned during my development. I would be nothing more than a reporting monkey if all I did was churn out vizzes every day, I am a Data Visualization Analyst so I need to provide some kind of analysis for my readers.

Next, for those who are curious and eager, I will share the technical aspects and design choices I made during development. This is all part of the idea of paying it forward. After being active in the community for 2 years, I’ve had some amazing mentors support me and give me critiques. I have learned so much from them that I feel it is my duty to give back and to give attribution to those who originally taught me these things.

So there ya go. Now you know what to expect when you read one of my Data Musings

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