Dataset Deep Dive | Global Immunization Rates

Vaccination is a matter of public health

What strange times we live in. This post will not get into the debate of vaccination, rather it will present some data from the WHO and allow users to make up their minds. Interestingly, I chose this dataset back in late 2019, when no one had even heard of, let alone were talking about the novel Coronavirus that would take over the world in just a few months.  Now, I assume, is a great time to talk about vaccines and global immunization rates and that’s what this dataset aims to do.

The Data

The grain of the data (what does one row represent) for this set at the country, year and vaccine type. Followed by the percent of the population who received this vaccine. There are a total of 194 countries, spanning every year between 1966 and 2018. The WHO has been collecting this data on 46 different types of vaccines. You can check out the data here


Interestingly, there are many vizzes that use this dataset particularly, at least in my limited search of Tableau Public. However I was a able to find a few dashboard that incorporated elements of this data. 

I really like this one from Lindsay Betzendahl. She brought in some GDP data to show the relationship between vaccination rates and GDP. 

The same could be done with this #20for20Tableau dataset. One could enhance it by adding a vaccine type filter for the user to select from the different vaccines. Additionally, I could envision a kind of small multiple to show all the vaccine types in one large dashboard.  

The Challenge

It’s simple, really. Make something with this data. The deadline is up to you. This is not a time boxed challenge at all. As you can see from all the vizzes above, there is SO MUCH potential in this dataset. 
I can’t wait to see what you create. All I ask is that you share it with the hashtag #20for20Tableau, on Twitter and on Tableau Public. 
I’ll be back in a couple weeks to share with you what I create. Until then… 


To check out the rest of the datasets in the #20for20Tableau project, check out my dashboard and if want to read more about individual datasets, be sure to read my other posts

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