What is Workout Wednesday?

It is a fact that I owe a lot of my Tableau knowledge and success to this weekly learning project and community. Perhaps you’ve been using Tableau for a little while and your stakeholders are starting to ask more of you out of your work. Maybe you’re like me and you can quickly and easily find a dashboard that does something you want to do. So you download it and attempt to reverse engineer how its’ done. Reverse engineering a great way to learn but it doesn’t always scratch that itch.

Sure, I can replicate it but what I’d really like to do is is understand the “how” and “why” behind what Tableau is doing. If this sounds like you, then I highly encourage you to come join the active #WorkoutWednesday community. Each week is a new challenge and new opportunity to learn a few little things about Tableau. 

And a few little things, each week, adds up to understanding Tableau on a whole new level. 

Join us!