On Repeat | What am I listening to?

Hello friends and welcome to my music page. This is my little cozy corner of the site where I get to share what I’m currently listening to on Spotify! When I first had this idea for this page, I was going to try and use my last.fm data to create a dashboard that I would then use to manually create a playlist. Yes, it sounded like a lot of work to me as well. But, for the music fan in me, it seemed worth it.

Then Spotify went and my job so much easier! This “On Repeat” playlist auto-updates with 30 of my most listened to songs on a rolling 30-day period. So be sure to come back often and check out exactly what I’m listening to.

In addition, I created a quick and dirty Tableau Public dashboard that lets you see some high level trends to give you an idea of just how much I’m enjoying each song.

If, after listening, you think we have similar interests, please reach out on Twitter and let me know what I should listen to next